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A Simple WordPress SEO Guide for 2018 [Updated]

  WordPress SEO Guide for 2018 [Updated] Intro If you’re like me, you’ve read several “SEO” articles online, only to leave with no idea what to do for your own site. I’ve created this guide to create actionable tips to help optimize your SEO for your WordPress Site or Blog. I’ve written this article assuming […]

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LLC or S-Corp, which is right for your Agency?

LLC or S-Corp: What’s right for your agency? When starting off, the idea off formulating a business structure is on the bottom of sexiest parts of starting a business. That said, it’s important to address it early on, so after you can focus on the good stuff. While there are a few different types of […]

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Can Digital Agencies be Agile?

Can Agencies be Agile? Background As a startup, it’s effective to work in an agile way. Build small, learn fast, and iterate. The advantages of these methods are clear, but can they work as well for a digital agency? How It’s Always Been The process with digital agencies hasn’t changed in recent years, and can be […]

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Employee to Entrepreneur | My Story

Employee to Entrepreneur | My Story There comes a point in everyone’s career when you step back and realize you need something more. The feeling sinks in where you want to get out and start something new. There’s one small problem though: you need money. No matter how exhausting, boring, or slow your week was, […]